Friday, June 16, 2006

Baby Names

For the past two weeks we've been searching books and getting comments to think a unique name for the baby. We've not made much progress, though we have decided it should start with the letter "C". The only unique name that we both like is "Channary" - which is Cambodian and is comprised of two meaning - Chan or Jhun means "moon" and "Nary" means woman - so its a figurative name. This I think is the true meaning of the name, and not "full moon" according to some online baby name databases.

Baby Shower ... and baby names

Diana Mendoza is setting up a "baby shower" for us tomorrow which Ana is really excited about. Meanwhile, the occasion gives me an opportunity to try my hand out with video filming.
Besides writing in this blog, I'm doing a minute-by-minute documentary account of the baby's birth. I'm trying my hand at filming and putting footages together for the baby to see - once shes old and curious enough to do so.

Hopefully I'll get some good footages tomorrow.