Friday, May 26, 2006

The Albino Baby Dream

I had an unusual dream the other night about our baby. I dreamt that "he" : ) was quite a lively and energetic little vegemite! He was one of the cutest and most innoncent, fun-loving, blonde baby that I've ever seen. I even saw him ridding on a mini-motorcycle, crashing into a wall and excitedly getting up to do it all over again - he's about 6 months old in the dream. But thats not the weird part, what was really puzzling was the fact that the baby was ...well, blonde.

I was preoccupied with his blondness throughout the rest of the dream, and it still puzzles during my waking hours. My is Filipino wife, I'm half Chinese; we're both Asians! We've got black hair with good ol' Asian blood. The point is, I'm not expecting a blonde baby.

They say that dreams can help you forsee the future. Gasp! I hope our baby's not an Albino! I think I need to hold off on that Da Vinci Code stuff - its affecting me, even in my sleep.

The Dab Vinci Code part 2

I saw the Dab Vinci Code movie last Sunday, it was a bore! Waste of brain cells, two thumbs down!

My first problem with the movie and book is the faulty logic and reasoning to explain away Christs divinity. Take for example, the supposedly SECRET society - the Priory of Sion - who are entrusted to be the guardians to the secret of the holy grail. I can't figure out why prominent men like Issac Newton, Leonardo Da Vinci or Victor Hugo were picked as Grandmasters to keep this secret from Opus Dei? Surely it would be better to pick a Lilliput or a hermit to keep your secrets, or at least pick someone of low profile.

Another contradiction is the fact the well known fact that both Newton and Hugo were both passionate men of faith. Newton himself said: "I have a fundamental belief in the Bible as the Word of God, written by those who were inspired. I study the Bible daily."

Second, the Grandmasters passion was to give hints about the true identity of Mary and the holy grail to the whole world? Not only one Grandmaster, but ALL of them attempted this breech of secrecy throughout history? This act contradicts their oath to secrecy.

Third whats so sinster and dangerous about the "Corporal Mortification" of Opus Dei. Salias the masochist Opus Dei monk should meet his contemporaries in the Philippines during the Easter holidays. The devoted Filipino Catholics can show him a thing or two about "corporal mortifications".

The reason why I have my knickers tied up in a knot is that Dan Brown claims in his Code book that the things I discussed are infact based on facts.

Waste of brain cells, really!