Saturday, May 20, 2006

The Dab Vinci Code

In one of our class debate sessions on the The Da Vinci Code movie (we dubbed it The Dab Vinci Code movie), the majority of my Summer English Class students unanimously agreed to ban the movie because of the controversy surrounding the so-called truth claims made in the book. A few of the students, including myself have read The Da Vinci Code novel, and we didn't think too highly of Brown's claims or writing.

First of all, let me start by saying that all this hoopla, publicity and church intervention is contributing to cause more confusion and disillusionment amongst the Faithful; than to the combined talents of Tom Hanks or movie director, Ron Howard put together. The "eye for eye" approach by the Catholic Papacy is just as bad; in the ensuing weeks and months ahead, I'm certain that the current gripe and nit-picking by the Council of Catholic Churches in the Philippines will cause a lot more confusion, self-doubt and spiritual damage to the Faithful than if they had simply decided to just leave the issues alone.

Whats worse is that many secular Christians, researchers and scientist see author Dan Brown as having sold his soul to the Devil and to greed, when he asserted that his book is well researched and is based on actual events. After reading The Dab Vinci Code myself, I thought that National Security Adviser, Norberto Gonzales claims about the GMA Assassination plot by an elite communist rebel group sounded more convincing than Brown's claims for a well researched book. Dan Brown's claims, according to the words of an architect and good friend, Jun Fader, is "unsupported, open to misinterpretation, confusion and wild speculation". Brown is further digging his own grave, not only is he being sued left, right, front and back but by stating a book as a literally piece of fiction to get some publicity is unforgivable, and by insulting peoples intelligence and disrespectful their religion is going beyond the absurd. I hope that Dan Brown wakes up to this fact sooner, rather than later when he starts receiving death threats and wakes up to own senseless folly.

With everything said, that needs saying, I just have one thing more to add: I don't hold grudges or protest against watching the movie. In fact, to be get the full scope and to satisfy my own sense of curiosity, I'm planning to watch The Dab Vinci Code movie with my wife tonight. My point for this is simple, it takes more than a movie or a book to dissuade me of my own belief in God, but its Brown's proposition of fiction vs facts that ultimately insults my intelligence that I take personally. I don't expect anything beyond my reading, but at least, I hope to be entertainment.