Monday, May 15, 2006

Patriotism is Dead

The press was kicking up a stink again today; giving their usual Manila world views about the sorry state of politics in the Philippines, their politically correct views why the economy is worsening, and as always, never failing to squarely put the blame on the shoulders of the President and her spiteful administration.

Apparently what sparked it all was a survey that ranked the Philippines at a dismal 49th place (out of 61 countries polled) in terms of economic competitiveness by the World Competitiveness Survey.

One of the arguments that these demi-god columnist always put forward is that the brain drain problem can be addressed by calling people to national unity. The idea is that too many talented Filipinos are working abroad to enrich other countries but not their own homeland. This problem can be addressed simply if the goverment creates more jobs. Thus, patriotic Pinoys will not think of working abroad, they'll rather stay and work at home.

The problem that isn't addressed by these columnist (and by every other nationalist for that matter) is the fact that patriotism is a dead cause in third world countries. Patriotism is dead in the Philippines, its dead in China, Vietnam, in poorer Asian, and in African and European countries; its dead through-and-through in every corner where poverty abounds.

Patriotism at best is lip service. Its not that Asians don't love their countrymen that makes the ideals of patriotism defunct. Its simply because Asians have a survival paradigm first; and a paradigm for family and relationships second; in other words these two paradigms play a greater role in deciding one's future than a decision of loyalty and duty to ones country and people. Given the choice of better paying jobs, security and education in a first world country, why wouldn't any sane Pinoy jump for a job abroad and improve his lifestyle? Its simply insane to slave away for a defunct cause. And put simply Patriotism is simply a defunct cause.