Sunday, April 23, 2006

On Music and Baby Talk Therapy

We stopped over at Walter Mart (its the Philippino version of the famous U.S Wal Mart store), near Makati Cinema Square to meet and have lunch with our friends from church - Jerome, Joy and their little two year old, Sophia. While the mums were talking about their pregnacies, morning sickness and what-not. Ate Joy kindly donated her pregnancy clothes, which is really good news as it means one less trip to the Ukay-Ukay store to get preggy clothes for your mum. There's a kind of unspoken tradition with married couples here about pass-me downs; that you take only what you need, use it for a season, and when the time comes, pass it further down to the next expecting couples.

Anyways, Jerome had some interesting stories to share about the demands that Chinese parents place on their children (he comes from a Chinese family married to a Filipina). But thats another subject to blog about some other time. It was Jerome's advise about music therapy and baby talk that was of the greater interest to me. I learnt that after your 16th month in your mothers womb, your should be well developed and functional. You can pretty much hear everything, from your mum's heartbeat to the gurgles in her stomach. Its 12:30 midnight now and we're listening to Vivaldi as I'm blogging and getting ready for bed. I hope you appreciate the music because its supposed to stimulate your development and linguistic skills ... and now for the talking part of the therapy, I'll start reading this blog to you (which, someday will be my gift to you).

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