Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Emperador Whisky

The past few days have been the hottest days in Manila this year. The toads have been running wild in our frontyard - I counted three last night when I went out to feed the cats.

I got a small bottle of Emperador whisky for about 28 pesos or US$0.50 which I'm now drinking as I blog. According to my students, its quite a popular "hard" drink. But after sampling it, I don't think its quite as good as San Miguel Gin which tops my list of great drinks. I noticed, sitting next to the Emperador was Kung Fu Whisky, Shaolin Style gin and a variety of unusual concoction that I've never heard of - remind me to try that Kung Fu Whisky at a latter date.

After the Asian fiscal crisis in the late 90's, the sale of alcohol declined as many Pilippinos had to resort to gut-tighting means to get by. They're now drinking hard - perhaps to make up for lost time. According to a February 2005 report in The Straits Time - Brandy was big business from 1999 to 2003 jumping by more than 550 per cent in sales. The sale of wine and spirits has pretty much peaked out in this part of the world. Now the good marketing folks at San Miguel are starting to target woman and amateur drinkers (like me) to generate more sales. I don't think they'll get very fa, because unlike western woman, Filippino woman are a more conservative breed altogether.

ABOVE - Toads are invading our backyard!