Monday, April 17, 2006

Babys Movement

Last night, I think, around 12 midnight, I felt you jolting in your mothers womb. We were watching the Steven Speilberg movie, Munich, and your mum had fallen asleep. I guess it was a fathers instinct, if you can call it that; that I reached over to feel her stomach and see what you were doing inside her womb. You seem to be quite active around midnight, kicking around and doing stuff inside her belly - and you do it quite frequently. Usually she'd rub her tummy for you to calm down, but in this case, I rubbed her tummy. She was, of course, obvious, to all that was going on.

Mums Birthday

On Saturday, we had lunch at SubWay today to celebrate mum's birthday. Shes now officially 33 years old - but still a kid at heart. We're at the Javaman Cafe in Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4. We frequently come to this place as you can freely pick up any book or magazine from the shelves and read for free. Besides I'm an avid believer in exercising my mind. The other reason is I abhor unbearably hot, humid and sticky weather, and right now the whether is now quite hot, humid and sticky in Manila. Its even several degrees hotter if you're living in metro Manila.
Mums been reading alot of books on pregnancy. The only book I've read on child rearing is the Dummies Guide to Pregnancy for expectant fathers. I'm not too keen on it, I'd prefer to just wait until you're out of the womb. Than I'll learn to be a father.