Thursday, April 06, 2006

Yet another Toad going through our living room!

We had another toad go through the living room floor - again - and exiting through the front door. Its probably the same toad that scared the daylights out of mum a few weeks back. Karen's camera phone ran out of battery, so I wasn't able to get a shot of him; but I'm sure we'll see him around the house again. He reminds me of the Cane toads we get up in Brisbane - they're disgustingly big, warty and ugly looking bastards.

One pirated, 100 pesos (US$2.00) Jim Carrey movie.

I got a pirated DVD movie comming back home tonight - Fun With Dick and Jane, starring Jim Carrey and Tea Leoni. My all time favourite Jim Carrey movie is the ever spooky, big brother like version - "The Truman Show". I think he's gotten a lot better since the "Mask". I'll be enroute to Boracay tomorrow, by Super Ferry. Karen will be manning the house for a couple-of-days until we return ... maybe I should tell her about the toad. I'll try to post some pictures and get some good shots on the way. Good night son (I hope).