Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Dinner with Karen and Dimples

I checked with the people at Cebu Pacific airlines to see if they had any requirements for a 5 month old pregnant woman. None - just a doctors certificate to travel. Tomorrow will be a day of packing and shopping as we get ready to take a trip to Boracay this Thursday - so get ready for your first trip outside of Manila.

Dinner with Karen and Dimple

Mum said that she couldn't sleep last night, and that you were kicking and giggling in her belly. She thinks you're probably happy and you're laughing about something. I trust her motherly instincts on these things, after all you can't really argue when it comes to a womans instincts about the baby she is carrying in her own womb.

I cooked a simple meal of vegetables and noodles - I hope you liked it. I also brought home a 350ml bottle of Ginebra San Miguel Red. Not for you of course, but for me. Ginebra red is a pretty potent Dutch-type gin, its been around since 1834 and its now the worlds largest selling gin in the world. Its made with mixed spirits, juniper berries and selected botanical extracts - in short a bloody good gin!!! Ginebra is quite popular in the North of Luzon, your grandpa's hometown - where, from what mum tells me - it also goes well with grilled dog meat. I'm drinking it now as I write. Here are the pictures from tonights dinner (from your ate Karen's camera, which will probably be the camera we'll take to Boracay).

ate Dimples

Ginebra San Miguel Red and coke - what I'm drinking now!

My Plans for the day

This morning, my wifes sister Karen and her friend arrived from Cagayan, a province in North Luzon. She'll be staying with us for a couple of days, which is kinda good because my wife needs somebody to talk to besides me. I've noticed that woman enjoy talking - which is fine for me because it keeps my wife preoccupied. My wifes is now 5 months pregnant, and she's beginning to getting grumpy and hormony imbalanced. So its good to have the two girls.

Karen is here to apply for work- probably in Taiwan or some other country. Sadly there's not much work here in the Philippines, so the majority of Pilippinos apply for work abroad. They remit something like upto $12 billion dollars a year into the Philippines - thats the economy stays afloat here.

I'll also pick up some photographs that I left for processing at the Kodak shop on Sunday. I better leave since the girls are tired and they'll be staying in this computer room that I use to do my emailing.