Monday, April 03, 2006

Shopping for Beachwear to Boracay

After having tried to fit into the fifth medium-sized beach shorts - and tried unsuccessfully at that - I finally opted for the "XXX" large shorts. There was a time when I could walk into any shop, easily pick out an "M" sized shirt or short, and walk out again without even trying it on - but after getting married, those days are over. Besides being too tight, the love handles really show, especially around my waist! Anyway that was my shopping experience yesterday at Landmark,shopping complex in Makati.

We're planning a trip to Boracay, a charming little island in the North of the Philippines which has the most beautiful sand-white beaches, the clearest blue water and the most scrumptious seafood grills you'll ever experience.

An historical look at bathing suits from the 1890's to the 1990's

By the way, Mum also shopped around for an outfit. The Philippines is a conservative society of ideas and opinions, and when it comes to swim suits... well men and woman wear a t-shirt and shorts to swim at the beach. They're totally covered from head to toe. We soon discovered that there's really not that much of an option in the way of swimsuit - especially when it comes to variety, choices or stocks for a five month old, pregnant woman. But come to think of it, do pregnant woman really need a special outfit. Hmm... probably not. Oh well! I don't think a swimsuit would accommodate you very well anyway. We'll probably have to get a camera as well, so that we can show you the pictures of Boracay once we get there.