Saturday, March 25, 2006

Everyday Filipino Delicacies

Feel like some dog meat and gin? What about partially formed chicken embryo in their shells? Or maybe you’d prefer deep fried pig skin? These are a few everyday delicacies that many Filipinos like to snack on.

Mans best friend is also mans best dish.

Dogs are considered a delicacy in Northern Luzon.

Try these six delicious some of these dishes and tell us what you think!
  1. Dog Meat – A popular dish in North Luzon. Men enjoy nothing more than drinking Gineberra (a local gin made by San Miguel) mixed with water and grilled dog meat. Hmm…mas sarap (very delicious).
  2. Bangus – a popular Filipino fish severed grilled, fried or severed in such soup dish as sinigang. Good quality bangus has fat not just in the belly, but evenly distributed all through its body, giving it a distinctive milky taste.
  3. Balut – boiled chicken egg containing partially formed embryo (second picture on the right).
  4. Lumpia – quiet healthy and a tasty treat. Lumpia (similar to springrolls) is rice paper wrapped with meat and vegetables and severed with sweet sauce. If you happen to be in Viagan in Northern Luzon, try the delicious lumpias severed in the many foodstalls in the city.
  5. Kare-Kare Dish – a type of meat dish usually cooked with intestines and coconut sauce.

About Filipino Food

Filipino food is a mix of Chinese and Spanish influence. A typical Filipino meal contains a mix of tamarind, vinegar, soy sauce, onions and herbs – but not as heavy on spice as many dishes in Asia. You will find meat, chicken and fish dishes served in many homes, while homegrown vegetables are the staple diet in the provinces.

Filipinos have taken to European dishes such as cakes, bread and spaghetti and pasta. American fastfood such as pizzas, hamburgers and hotdogs is served on the street as well as many restaurants.

Eating Out

Here'’s a rule of thumb if you want to enjoy a quiet night out in the big city - go out during weekdays. That way you don'’t have to worry about bookings, you'’ll avoid the weekend crowd and you don'’t have to worry about queuing in line just to get a table. Mondays to Thursdays are the best time to go out in the Philippines for a romantic dinner, to socialize with friends or to see a live band. The atmosphere is more relaxed and the waiters will have more time to entertain those nagging questions about food that foreigners typically ask at restaurants.

The Old Spaghetti House

Another great place to eat out in Makati is The Old Spaghetti House. As the name suggest, they specialize mostly in pasta dishes. There’s separate section for smokers and non-smokers. The interior is decorated with fine wood finishing – giving a nice cozy, homely atmosphere. The food serving is quite generous, ranging from 100-200 pesos. You can usually catch a liveband around dinner time.

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