Thursday, March 16, 2006

Our Sunday School Class Outing

Besides teaching College kids, I'm also a Sunday school teacher - yup I love to teach! I teach the Preteens class, which are the 10-12 year olds. Last Sunday morning, we took a trip out to Netopia for some online gaming fun in Greenbelt. The kids loved the online games - Counter Strike, Miami Vice City ...whatever. I'm not particularly fond of online games, but the kids seemed to love every minute of it.

ABOVE: The kids at McDo. At first they were more interested in the swings and rides, but when the food came, they dropped everything.

ABOVE The Kids at McDo (McDonalds) for lunch and my wife. Posing for a shot with her new phone : )

I tried out my wifes new Sony Erikson thingie type camera-phone contraption. Anyway I'm not big on mobile phones either, infact I don't even own one. But last night I was able to synchronize it with my laptop, and put up the photos that you see on this blog.

ABOVE: Here are some more pictures of the kids eating at McDo. Yes! I paid for some of their meals, so if you'd be kind enough to make some donations ... just kidding.