Tuesday, April 04, 2006

My Plans for the day

This morning, my wifes sister Karen and her friend arrived from Cagayan, a province in North Luzon. She'll be staying with us for a couple of days, which is kinda good because my wife needs somebody to talk to besides me. I've noticed that woman enjoy talking - which is fine for me because it keeps my wife preoccupied. My wifes is now 5 months pregnant, and she's beginning to getting grumpy and hormony imbalanced. So its good to have the two girls.

Karen is here to apply for work- probably in Taiwan or some other country. Sadly there's not much work here in the Philippines, so the majority of Pilippinos apply for work abroad. They remit something like upto $12 billion dollars a year into the Philippines - thats the economy stays afloat here.

I'll also pick up some photographs that I left for processing at the Kodak shop on Sunday. I better leave since the girls are tired and they'll be staying in this computer room that I use to do my emailing.


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