Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Logging in some Z's

Over the years, I've had to learn the perpetual art of sleeping whenever, wereever - armchairs, cars, buses, airplanes, you name it; thats because for the most part, I go about my daily affairs in public transportation vehicles. For a quick 5 minute nap, I usually opt for the airchair, though a nearby chair will just about do it. For bus trips to Makati, I prefer to log-in some Z's at the end of the bus. At times, I like to look around and be amused by the drowsiness of the crowd; to see some poor soul gripe and gravel as their heads get batter on the vechiles window. Still on some nights, I prefer the sofa to a comfortable bed, but than again thats just me.


Blogger cheH said...

I've no problem sleeping anywhere as long as I could lay down my head in comfy surface:)

have a nice week ahead toby!

2:54 PM  
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