Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I went to United San Pedro's Gym this afternoon and worked on my arms and chest. I've found that gyms are pretty much alike. Gold's Gym or Fitness First in Manila, which usually charter to the class "A" flocks and foreigners usually have better equipment and facilities. You can even get a spa and message if you too after your workout. On the other hand, gyms throughout Manila aren't all that impressive. In San Pedro where I'm staying, they have treadmills, bikes, free weights and the like. The equipment which belongs more in a museum than a gym are extremely old (they look like artifacts from the 70's) . Alot of it just sits there and gathers dust. Usually the music would be blasting away in the background. The big guys, if they're not heaving and grunting away, are usually flexing in front of the mirror. Beware, they don't believe in using towels here, so if you lie down to do bench presses your back might be soaking in someone else's sweat. This is type of gym is for class "C" and below, which probably covers 99% of the population in the Philippines.


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