Friday, March 17, 2006

Did you hear when our new visitor confronted your mum and made her scream ...

I've noticed that the weather is starting to warm up here in Manila. December through to February is generally pretty cool. Normally there's only two weather in the Philippines - hot and dry from November to June, and rainy from July to October. Actually many foreigners visiting from cooler countries find the weather in the Philippines quite unbearable. They're not used to the hot and humid conditions in Asia. Most Pilipino men counter this by walking around half-naked. I don't think it'll really catch on with the more beefy looking, fair skinned European visitors. There's a saying by Roger Miller that goes something like: Some people walk in the rain, others just get wet. Most foreigners just get wet.

ABOVE: Hot, humid and sticky thats how we live it in the Philippines!

With the recent changes in weather, we've also been getting some pretty strange guests to our house. Why, a few days ago your mum screamed hysterically when a frog confronted her in the kitchen area. I don't really know if you can hear her from the inside. You're approaching your fifth month in your mums womb, so I hope your ears have developed enough to recall this event that I'm about to share with you.

Anyway, after your mum recovered from the initial shook, she carefully picked up the culprit with a dust pan and took him out to the front garden. He's still there. Sometimes, as I pass by I see him trying to camouflage himself amongst the bits of grass, leaves and debris that fall down from our grapefruit tree. At other times, you can catch him walking around the drive way - usually at night time though. I don't think he likes the sun that much.

He's doesn't seem to be afraid of anyone or anything - not even the cats that frequent our front yard. I don't really know his business, theres nothing out there for a frog to eat or do; so I don't really know why he's hanging around. Tonight I confronted him again when I was taking out the garbage. As I was cleaning my hands with the garden tap, all of a sudden he jumped out of nowhere and gave me the fright of my life! I think he was attracted by the on-rush of water. But oh my! did he scarred the daylights out of me. It looks as if he's made himself a home near the damp gutter area. I could see though, from the smirk on his lips that he was enjoying the moment.

ABOVE The first picture is what our friend looks like during the night - yuck!

ABOVE: He looks abit better during the day - he's still
pretty gross looking though!

I personally hate frogs, salamanders and the like, they're pretty digusting. But I must say, that our visitor is an interesting fellow to write up about. Maybe he's a one of those posionous toads that think they can do whatever they want because they're so dangerous and all. He's certainly a warty and formidable looking frog/toad - though I can't be certain if he's officially classified as a frog or as a toad (let alone know his sex). But he's quite a big looking fella! Maybe its mating season and he's got some romantic interests happening ... hmmm, maybe thats why he's staying put. I don't think though, he can make out with the ladies by looks alone; but than again I could be wronge. I don't really know who he's courting, I haven't seen her myself. Actually, I'm going to sign off now and check on him. I'll keep you posted when I get a chance to know him better.

Love from Dad : )


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